David Lee Roth gave me a heart attack back in the end of the 80's while he filed all kinds of lies about me in Beverly Hills court and was having me arrested for calling his office. I had left about two or three messages with his secretary saying some nice things, trying to make up with him by telling her I found a condo and that I wanted to know if he wanted to share the cost. That was it. He was so full of this sick and misdirected hatred of me, this jelousy with no foundation, so full of paranoia, lies, and ugliness. I was being falsely prosecuted in court due to the fact he made a court manuscript against me filled with discusting, devious lies, and twisted thwarted truths that led the judge to believe otherwise about me. David Roth is a lyer and worse than that he almost murdered me while doing it. My heart stopped and I couldn't breath one night nor could I reach for the phone. I felt David's hatred of me. I don't quite remember exactly what happened but in the following days or so I remember all kinds of police coming after me and holding shotguns at my head while I fainted on the floor. They tore my tiny apartment/studio apart looking for something. He must have told them I had a gun which I didn't. He made up stories about me. Recently he called me a good number of times, late at night hanging up on me. I know it was David. I could always feel his presence, his hatred, his sick mistrust of life and self. Why he would wait all these years to call me again? It was November 2001 he was calling me again. I think he must have been jelous of Mick Jagger and his "Goddess In the Doorway" release because while Mick was performing and residing in this country I felt this uptightness which I always felt from David Lee Roth. I don't think his middle name is Lee, I think it may be Lincoln. If he used Lincoln maybe he'd learn what honesty is. David is a pedophile and I know for sure at least one rape he performed on a girl named Perla Carbahal in the bathroom at the Troubador. She was a virgin, with braces. He was drunk like usual and took her into the bathroom and forced her against her will and raped her on the toilet. He then left her there to bleed while he walked all satisfied with himself. He would love to deny this but I've talked to her later, maybe 10 years later and she told me how he had helped ruin her life. She never sued or called the police. I'm sure she wasn't aware of her rights. Her father had also abused her. She was never taught how to protect herself legally or physically for that matter. He's angry. I think he is probably angry at himself but directs it at other people. I do hate him so. He also took a young guy off the street and had him perform falacio on him while another girl was forced to watch. I know because I worked a job with her and she told me how horrified she was. He picked her up one night at a club, took her home, had sex with her and then picked up a guy off of Santa Monica Blvd. and made her watch. That is the same man that the judge so highly respected and I could almost swear the judge was ready to perform falacio on him too. So betaken by his fame and fortune. A stupid and cruel judge. How dare he sit there and judge me while the criminal of criminals was standing right there in front of him. The idiot bastards almost killed me and tortured me throwing me in jail like that for making a silly phone call. Judge Ruben was his name. Probably a child molester as well for all I know. I'm angry still. Those ugly awful bastards. They should of have been both thrown in jail themselves with his awful lawyer too. What people do for money. His lawyer knew in his heart that it was all wrong, was dramatizing everything all for money. I wish they were dead. David was a sexual deviant pretty much from the beginning. Then he pretended he didn't know me at all. That fucker was in love with me, wrote songs about me, called me, met with me, fantasized and masterbated with me on his mind, watched me half naked two inches from him, and mentally obsessed on me for years. That ugly fucking bastard tried to hold me back from making it as a star. He was afraid I'd be happy, fulfilled without him, that someone would find out what a real bastard he is, that he was a pedophile. He was afraid that if I found fame I'd have enough money to say the truth and people would listen. He tried to get in the way of my entertainment career for years making up awful lies about me to music industry executives. It was so terrible and wretched of him. I had no recourse. I was helpless. I couldn't do anything. He made me physically and emotionally ill. He was so lacking in compassion and empathy making millions of dollars from songs about me. It hurt me so. He used me so aweful. I don't want him anymore. He threatened my family for years. He didn't have to outright do it on paper or in a note. I know David. Now David if I could tell you I'd tell you to go to hell. I do not want you anymore. I want nothing to do with you. Stop calling me. I am not interested. Fuck off! I don't have to love you out of terror or fear. You are a leach and you know it. I do have a right to my anger as well. I never hurt you, never threatened you, and never raised a hand against you. I never even wished anything bad of you. You sick bastard. Get the heck out of my life so I could be free to love, live again, heal, succeed, and learn what real love is. You want to control and to be a sadist. I'm not interested because I'm no longer a naive girl. I'm not a masochist and I'm definitely not going to waste my time on you anymore. I threw away godly good years of my life on you trying to live a normal life, wanting to have a family but you had to run around and rape, torment children instead, you had to fuck every buxom lust you could get your devil's hands on. You had to humiliate me, embarrass me, con me, and help disable my goodness. I am not responsible for your life. No longer want to pray for your drug abuse and alcoholism. I no longer want to hear you sing, see you dance or be your victim. You hurt me beyond words and you still don't realize how wrong you were. You never paid for it. You were never righted. You were never brought to justice. With you there is no justice. You are like a bottomliss pit of chaos, helplessness, lies, greed, lust, and hatred. I'm moving upstairs. Good-by David. Whatever happens to you and whomever you hurt is your problem. You live with the fact of what you did to me and still don't take any responsibility for it. I won't hurt you though but believe me if I were my father in heaven I would definitely teach you a good hard lesson for years to come. I don't want to know people like you anymore. That is what I would tell David. But since I don't even want to talk to him, I won't. Also I would make him not call me at all. Stop calling David. Fuck you, you damn fucking bitch bastard lyer. Let him do the puking from now on, God because I've had enough of puking over him, dying for him, being ill for him, being underpriviledged for him, being poor and broke for him so he could keep his secrets, so he could control and abuse the only way evil men know how to do. I wonder how many other people he has did this to. No I don't. I don't want to know about anymore of his business and God keep him off my radio, my television, out of my media, out of my life please. This time answer me. I need my freedom once and for all. Thank You.