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Deborah Ruth Davidsohn's Biography (Sun Goddess)


Deborah Ruth Davidsohn known as Sun Goddess and formerly called 'Yankee Rose' throughout the 80's started writing music and dancing when she was four years old. She sat on her bed singing with her acoustic guitar. By nine she was playing piano by ear and by 10 she was writing her own lyrics and composing her own songs. At this time too she started studying private piano lessons given to her by her mother and was studying at Al Gilbert's dance studio (ballet and tap). She started to learn choreography at this point as well. Along with other dancers she performed her first Los Angeles Ballet performance for a packed audience of 2,000 fans for a special show to commemorate the Viet Nam Vets. From there she formed a dance group with her school friends and went around to small stages to perform ballet, tap, and Hawaiin dance shows. Still writing songs, learning other people's songs she continued to expand her music career. By 11 and 12 Deborah was singing Stevie Wonder songs and playing classical compostions. She was living in Los Angeles at the time with her mother and sisters. She didn't think of being a star at this point. The arts have always been a part of her life.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, USA Debbie moved to Los Angeles by age 6 following her father, Harley Davidsohn with her mother, Harriet and three sisters. Her father was a doctor, M.D. and was to start a medical practice on the west coast. At 1 he moved the family to El Paso Texas where he served the US Army as a Luitendant at the army hospital. They were once caught in a huge huricane and he moved the family back to New York and then on to Los Angeles. He put her in Hebrew School in which she did not like. The one thing she did in fact like was the school choir and was immediately accepted upon audition. She sang for Golda Meir premier of Israel singing her beautiful Hebrew song. Deborah Ruth was only 7 or 8 years old. At 7 her heart broke as she was told her father had died. They lost their house in which they had so little time in and her mother quickly moved them into an apartment and found a little job as a secretary. Her mother born and bread an artist gave up her dream of being an artist so she could support all four children (for the time being anyway). She managed to work enough to give Debbie all the lessons she needed to get started at her life's career alongside her little sister. It was hard being without a father and the girls at Private Hebrew school ran in a pack and didn't much like her because she was a little different. Debbie was a mod dresser and wore pants to school which was taboo at a private hebrew school and the girls jumped her and tried to beat her up. They also ridiculed her because she didn't have a father and they all had one. They threatened her because she wouldn't follow their gang leader who was a real bully but she managed to gain their respect and the love of other students because she would never allow anyone to beat her up or bully or intimidate her. She firmly stood her ground one day while being jumped by 5 of them and without hurting any one of them showed them what real strength was and removed them from her. Without crying or complaining to the teachers or principal she taught them that they didn't have to fight or hurt another's body to gain any respect. They were all awestruck at her strength to remove 5 at once and all came to her birthday party and never jumped her again. Although she did also wear dresses, all the boys at school were always chasing her on the playground because they all had a crush on her she enjoyed wearing pants so they didn't always have to see her underwear. One time a bunch of them managed to pull her pants down on the playground. Although an "A" student she went to the principal and told him she was going to be checking out of school because her desire was to attend public school which seemed more liberal to her at the time.

That she did. By 5th grade Debbie was enrolled in Melrose Ave. School and studying ballet and tap at Plummer Park and Al Gilbert's dance studio, taking private piano and writing songs. She formed a dance group with her friends and went around to stages allover Los Angeles performing ballet, tap, and Hawaiin shows.

By Jr. High School she attended Bancroft Jr. High in Los Angeles. Here she became the head magician's assistant for the school talent show and performed and studied in drama class. Debbie also danced and played 'the wind' in the drama show which was her favorite class. Her classmate included Louis Goffin daughter of Carol King and Jerry Goffin and they became good friends. Louis once told Debbie to keep on with the good works because one day she would succeed. Debbie had no problem being a sraight 'A' student and was having problems in school from boredom. The school did some tests on her and found out her IQ was very high above her other classmates but at that time they did not offer gifted student classes as they do today. She attended two Jr. High Schools. By graduation she was pregnant with her boyfriend Michael's baby and won the Dr. Solomon award at the ceremony. Her mother cried as they made a speech about her for the packed audience in the large auditorium and offered her the surprise award. Some of the things they stated about her were, "this person has come from some of the most diverse circumstances and has risen above it to exceed beyond comparison. For someone to lift themselves out of the circumstances they have been in and to rise to the cream of the crop we offer this special award to Miss Deborah Davidsohn". Only two teenagers received this special award out of 2,000. Other statements the speaker made were, "For this girl to turn around her life so successfully and remarkably is what this award is for". Debora won the Dr. Solomon Award.

In high school Deborah attended Fairfax High and in 10th grade was elected Home Coming Princess. She walked into English class on the day she was to appear at the innauguration and her English teacher a butch bike rider, mocked Deborah's beautiful long white dress. The next day Deborah decided to check out of regular school and go to Freedom school where she wouldn't be condemned and harrassed for her beauty, her position, her clothing, nor her intelligence. She disliked bells and filing down the hall like a communist party in either case and liked the atmosphere of freedom school. No bells, no yelling uptight teachers, no getting into trouble, just learning, sharing, and living. Her teachers were great there, her principal a very nice gay man who was accepted at this school and her literature, art teacher was named Chuck. He led Deborah to books that children would only read in college but she got through many in high school and wrote about them. She wrote Poetry for Chuck and he encouraged her creativity instead of stifling and trifling her with text books and putting her into a category with every other kid. Deborah also learned at her own pace, that meant that while everyone may be on certain arithmatic she was on calculus. She studied art and made projects she wanted to not projects that the whole class had to do. They played rock n roll in class and there was no real system, there were coaches and the kids came and went as they pleased. This is where her artistic abilities excelled and her creativity flourished, where she learned she was appreciated in her writing and artistic skills and didn't have to be like every other kid. She left high school with her diploma and no prom but grateful. She won an art award for a self portrait done in pencil and a public art show where many schools showed their kid's talents.

While she was like any teenager she also went out dancing alot and used to frequent the nightclub called the 'Starwood' in Hollywood. She was modeling as well and by 16 was doing layouts for Brad Elterman one of the top photographer's of Cream Magezine. Van Halen decided to play there the night that she was doing a photo shoot. Her girlfreinds were good freinds with Van Halen's lead singer at that time and tried hard to match them up together. Deborah got to see VH take off the night that Gene Simmons showed up there and finally got VH signed. Unfortunately about the same time Deborah went out on a date with a freind and was brutally raped. Life wasn't just the same after that. This man, Ron Rose held a big butcher knife at her neck and raped her besides psychologically tormenting her. Debbie was only 16. He was much older and had demanded that she marry him and upon refusing him, he locked her inside his house. He had never touched her previous to this and she thought them more as friends. One of friends who used to come over was Drew Barrymore's daddy a completely nice person. Debbie met him too while visiting them. Drew's father knew the rapist who had threatened to kill Debbie if she told the police of the rape so she never did report it to police. Drew's daddy didn't know about the rape at all and is completely innocent person. Ron Rose or his so called name threatened other hideous acts as well.

A few years later Debbie decided to go to college and studied acting, theatre, dance, and continued doing music, writing, and writing poetry at home. She bought a 12 string guitar as well and was learning music on her own. She told her then boyfreind of on and off that she intended to become a famous singer and actress and asked if he would help her with love and support. He was already seeing someone else at the time although he didn't tell Debbie. He had been seeing the other girl years before who was his religion and more for him. Actually by now he was just Debbie's friend and she knew her desires for success would push him away for good. Expectedly he turned her down and didn't like the idea of her being in the light of the entertainment business. Debbie never really loved him anyway. It was fine that they finally parted ways for good, after all she had been seeing him on and off since she was 13. He was not an honest boy and so she went out with others as well. She continued her education and went to Mexico to live with relatives to study dance (ballet, jazz) and private classical music training. They tried to match her up with eligible well to do elite bachelors but Debbie did not fall in love and could not marry any of them. While attending a party in Mexico she met the band, The Police and upon seeing her Sting asked her to marry him. She did't think he sounded serious or persistant enough and they parted ways but the band the Police soon became very well known world-wide. Her family refused to let her study voice so she decided to leave back to Los Angeles. Besides this they seemed to want alot of control of her telling her what time to come home and who she was allowed to go out with. Debbie wanted to be a movie star and to sing in a band and it didn't seem possible in Mexico. Yes she left a beautiful wealthy happy family to live in almost poverty and to pursue her career. While she was enjoying maids, a driver, a huge house and higher than normal standard of living she was yearning for the freedom to make it in the entertainment business. Her family gave her an ultimatum to become a doctor or psychiatrist but she chose music and film. She came back and also got her certificate in fashion and design to please them while she continued to seek employment in the music and film business.

She started to train with various private voice coaches and also served as an apprentice for awhile as a designer of fashion. She met also a man who would become her boyfreind for a year. He started to abuse her and beat her. One day he raped her and beat her and she went to the emergency room where they had to stitch up her head and nose. When the police arrested him they let him go free the same night because he told them he was her boyfreind. In their stupid minds they believed that because he was her boyfreind that he was allowed to rape and abuse her. This is the thinking of many people today which is wrong and barbaric. She left him of course and started to record an album. He stalked her for awhile and after 8 or 9 beatings and arrests she moved. They kept allowing him out of jail without her consent. He robbed her money. One day he stole the last $500.00 she owned and earned. Another time he pushed his way into her new apartment and this time she fought and scared him away. Later she found out he was a Columbian Cocain dealer and a year and a half later she found out he died of an overdose.

Deborah found her first rock band while hitch-hiking in Hollywood and got a ride from a musician named Mick. The band's name was 'Red & Blue'. She was still in her teens and when Mick found out she sang he made her the lead singer. Mick wrote the lyrics, they recorded and performed live. They performedat Club 88. There was another signer in the band who was jelous that he was ousted. Debbie didn't like his vibe nor the fact that Mick was mistreating his own wife and coming on to Debbie. Debbie needed to find a more creative outlet for her creative aspirations so she found musician's to write songs with her resulting in her first album release called, "Diamonds In My Backyard For David Lee - Wedding Text I" which was a 10 song LP and took years to complete. She met her then manager, George Van Heel in the limousine belonging to the Prince of Arabia who was having a party up in Beveryly Hills. George gave the unfinished master to various radio stations who immediately included it on the air. Debbie was the first Caucasion/Latina recording artist to get radio airplay on the all R&B station K-DAY with her song , "Diamonds In My Back-Yard (M. Smith & D. Davidsohn). The only other artist to get airplay on this station who was more of a peach/cream color was George Michael at the time. Deborah also played live for Black Radio Exclusive (BRE) who also had a major magazine out and always invited her to play as much as she wanted and were always very kind to her. No one knew what color she was from her song demos at first. All the while Deborah was also pursuing films and landed parts in commercials, modeling assignments, and small time films. She was also performing live shows solo and with various bands of musicians - her own songs mostly. She did many dance jobs and landed the lead in the dance release, "Body Language" by Jay Bird which hit top Billboard 40 dance charts. The music video in which she played 4 roles in including the lead, "Eve" as with "Adam" won best video at the Erotic Film Awards and the director, Piet Paulo won best Director. Deborah danced, played back up vocalist as well for the production. She also continued her acting studies at the Sunset Gower Studios at Mark Madisons In Rep Company. Although she was working on and off Deborah went through other hard times. Since she spend all her money on the album, every dime she almost earned she ended living in her car. One night she had to sleep out on the cement. There was a period where George found diffent friend to let her stay each night so every night she would sleep at another friend's apartment. She landed a job at a nightclub in Hollywood as a dancer which allowed her to rent a small apartment. The manager of the apartment kept trying to sexually molest her. Deborah wasn't interested in him so he evicted her and found herself without a home again. This time her old friend Piet Paulo let her stay in his office building on Sunset Boulevard. Piet Paulo was a popular magician, owned a video production studio downstairs, and was also a video producer. Piet trained and hired Deborah as his magic assistant and she worked part time as a magician's assistant along with Piet's wife Lexy. Together they toured to various jobs doing magic and working with doves. This building where she lived was on Cahuenga and Sunset Blvd. and used to be the old Richmond Hotel which alot of stars lived in such as Charlie Chaplan, John Carradine, and many others. Mae West and Marilyn Monroe were known to have affairs here too. The Chaplin Stage still stands at A&M Records which is 5 minutes from here. So this new artist loft office building was her new home. Only two people lived there, besides a mouse or two in the kitchen; Herbie who was Stevie Nicks personal Photographer and Deborah. Herbie and Deborah hung out alot and Herbie took alot of pictures of Deborah. He was also running Stevie Nick's poster club. Herbie was always a gentleman to Deborah and that was a blessing. Herbie kept some of the photos as did most of the photographers.

One night while working at the nightclub Jumbo's Deborah was kidnapped by two men in a van. They started to drive up the freeway and Deborah saw a huge knife the man was handling in his hands. They refused to stop the Van and started to speed up going on the freeway. She opened the side door to the van and jumped out of the moving vehicle rolling and rolling hurting herself. Fortunately her manager George Van Heel was following them and witnessed her on the ground and picked her up. They complained to police but police never found the perpetrators. Deborah quit her job at the nightclub.

Deborah pursued seeking a record deal and rented a piano in her artist loft and immersed herself into the music practicing day in and day out writing. She got herself a violin at a pawn shop and started to learn this as well adding violin parts to her songs she recorded on her 4 track. She also continued to perfect the album's songs in 24 track sudios. Deborah hooked up with Justin Tyme (guitarist) who was staying over at the Havenhurst Building in Hollywood. Her manager George brought them together to write and record. Justin Tyme had originally worked with Billy Preston and was like the beautiful Jimi Hendrix on Guitar which was a rare occurence in the early 80's. While most caucasion singers had an all caucasion line up Deborah took Justin Tyme and made him her lead guitarist and back-up singer and co-writer of most of her songs from her first LP, "Diamonds In My Backyard For David Lee-Wedding Text I". While most big major rock acts were predominently male and white, Deborah formed a band that was fronted by herself and all male musicians. People lined up outside the old West Studios near Western Blvd. in L.A. where the Stones used to rehearse, the Doors, and many others but no female musicians showed up. Justin Tyme's girlfreind Leslie was a writer and produced, directed a number of Deborah's music videos, and interviews afterwards. Justin, Deborah, Dan, and Glenn used to rehearse in Justin and Leslie's apartment where the band Poison were all living together upstairs and sleeping some on the floor. The band's member's used to come downstairs to hear Deborah rehearse with her band at Justin and Leslie's apartment. They were good times although almost everyone was poor, rehearsed for free, and slept on the floor. One day Debbie went up to the band Poison's apartment to see how they were living and she felt real sad that there weren't even enough beds and they were all crowded together in such a small place. Debbie silently said a prayer for the boys too and saw that they never really complained and were happy anyway. They had a plan and it worked because within a year and a half the boys were signed and doing good.

1983 was the year that Debbie started to record her first LP which was mastered although there were many ghetto blaster demos previous to this album. The first song on the LP she wrote with Justin and it was called, "David Lee" which she wrote for the singer that her friends years earlier tried to match her up with when she was only 15 and 16. Seeing now that he was doing well in his career she thought she may return the favor for his previous advances on her by writing him a beautiful song. Although she at first ignored his requests for her to visit him back-stage in his early days playing in small clubs and would oblige by standing right in front of him while he was peforming. At one of his shows she was caught up in another photo shoot being a model at the time and had to miss part of show because the photographer demanded that she do special photos while he performed. She was angered at the photographer and rushed the photos over with to watch David Lee squeezing into the front row. Although all her friends went back stage before and after the show she decided that David may think she was a groupy if she went back-stage too because her friends were setting up a sexual episode between Debbie and David. Debbie thought that David may never respect her if she just threw herself at him like many others and sincerely respected his work, show, and band, thus she did abstain and told her friends (his most loyal groupies and supporters at the time) to wish him luck. Although she was invited by him time and time again back-stage Debbie felt afraid of losing his respect because she knew if she would sleep with him, then he would never respect her the way she wanted him to. Debbie silently thought about his career and knew in her heart he was going to be successful even though at the time he was playing in tiny clubs. She saw much of David's career future and soon she was right. Her song, "David Lee" was immediately added to KROQ radio station and her friend Leslie Segal called her up to tell her so. This was in 1983. Deborah thought by this time David was more established, she was more mature and ready to get married and told David so through her song, "David Lee". The song also stated her desire for children and her plans for the possibility of her and David doing a film together. Her manager being Dutch and an old friend as well of the Van Halen brothers brought Deborah's new songs directly to David's House before any major release or contract. Music Connection was first to put out the article of Deborah Davidsohn's new release and other followed. Deborah's songs were added to all kinds of radio stations and even to special PSA announcements because she was doing a concert fundraiser for "Save The Children". She played out many nightclubs live, rehearsing day after day, writing and recording wee hours of the morning on songs she wrote and covered other artist's songs too. She found a writer at the 'Songwriter's Showcase' Mark David Smith who collaberated with her and got her into the studio to record "Diamonds In My Backyard", "Too Hot To Handle". "Diamonds In My Backyard" was immediately aired on KDAY which then was an all black radio station. She didn't put a picture on the cover of her product so no one knew by the vocals and music what color she was. Debbie soon started also doing more photo shoots with very famous photographers and signed a release for Penthouse. Paul McCartney's Photographer did an outstanding set of photo shoots of her. His name is Robert Brown. Sometimes she would get different musicians to perform with her live and in the studio when she found them and thought they were good. Her and David did not work out though over time and it never ammounted to much although he did respond to her by writing and releasing, "Eat Em And Smile". Before all of this Deborah made a plan for David and herself to make and do a movie together. In the sample script he recieved she portrayed herself as the Statue of Liberty come to life, sinking, with a tear running down her face while David run around with umpteen women humiliating and ignoring her. David responded by trying to make, "Crazy From The Heat" the movie and at the casting call had 1500 girls auditioning. Deborah was there and was interviewed for MTV and written about in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner as well as they covered her presence at the casting call. She got up on stage 3 times for David and was the last girl left there while all the others left. Deborah sat with the God Father of Rock N Roll, Bill Gazzarri god rest is soul when she went back on stage for another call. This time she took off her silver sequined bikini top and danced for Dave. His guard, the big fat bully Ed attacked her and dragged her to the alley outside claiming she was being lewed and assaulted her and left her crying in pain outside. David didn't do anything to stop this atrocious act and just sat there. Deborah changed her albums lyrics after this and went back into studio. She changed the song from "David Lee" to "Angel" and took his name out of all the love lyrics.

Deborah started getting invites to model and also modeled fashion on stage and for a small time publication and for commercial adds. She modeled nude, modeled in clothes, modeled in bathing attire, and modeled with the American Flag, British Flag, and in spectacular photos done by Larry Hawley, photographer for Coca Cola and all the Frederick's Lingeret Catalogues. Deborah became his fit model, photoing all the lingeret from Fredericks in poses beforehand in various poses. Some had some fantastic humor such as the photo shoot combining baseball and lingeret. Larry used her charm, wit, and posing ideas for the other girls as well. She brought in her own costumes combining military and sensual erotic posing and American type themes, Harley Davidson brand lingeret, and fun upbeat type photo shoots unlike the Frederick's Catalogue. Deborah always had her own unique style of modeling and doing her photo creations which never seemed to fit into any catalogue category and only could set a strong trend even with political overtones such as the photo she gave Hustler's Larry Flynt of herself laying on top of an American and British Flag with a military band uniform and with slight sensual overtones, no underwear with a huge caption during the golf war stating, "Eat Your Heart Out Saddam Hussein". She only showed a side view of her beautifully shaped buttox and leg profile and it wasn't blatant such as all the other Husler Photos so Larry Flynt didn't release it. Fool.